Structure Fire 10-4-23


Patterson Fire, CAL-fire, Newman Fire, and Westley Fire responded to an unknown type fire in the area of N 4th Street and Northmead Avenue.  Squad 51 upgraded to working structure fire as more reports came in about the fire.  Upon arrival Squad 51 went into rescue mode for an imminent rescue.  Engine 52 began a vent, enter, search operation on the bedrooms.  CAL-Fire made access through the garage to look for the victims. Despite efforts two people perished in the fire.  One firefighter was injured in the rescue efforts and transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Update: The injured firefighter has been released from the hospital and is at home resting.

When there is an imminent rescue fire crews will push themselves to the limits in an attempt to save lives. Below are some images of the gear worn by the crew on Squad 51. All the crews that worked to rescue the occupants did an outstanding job.


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