Stay Away from Hot Things in the Kitchen: A Guide for Kids

Prevention for Kids

Hey kids! Have you ever wondered why your parents always tell you to stay away from hot things in the kitchen? Well, it’s because they want to keep you safe! The kitchen can be a fun place to explore, but it’s important to remember that some things can be really hot and dangerous. In this article, we’ll learn about different hot things in the kitchen and how you can stay safe around them. Let’s get started!

  1. The Stove and Oven: The stove and oven are like the superheroes of the kitchen. They help cook delicious meals, but they can also be very hot. Always remember to stay away from the stove and oven when they are on or have just been turned off. They can stay hot for a long time even after they’re switched off. Make sure to ask an adult for help if you need something from the stove or oven.
  2. Pots and Pans: Pots and pans are used for cooking food, but they can also become very hot. If you see a pot or pan on the stove, never touch it with your hands. Instead, ask an adult to help you move it or use oven mitts or pot holders. These special gloves or cloth pads can protect your hands from the hot surface of the pots and pans.
  3. Steam and Hot Water: Steam and hot water can cause burns too. When an adult is cooking and there’s steam coming out of a pot or a kettle, make sure to stand back. The steam can be very hot and can burn your skin. Also, be careful around hot water from the tap. Always check with an adult to make sure the water isn’t too hot before using it.
  4. Electrical Appliances: Many kitchen appliances like toasters, microwaves, and electric kettles use electricity to work. They can become hot while in use, so it’s essential to keep a safe distance from them. Never touch these appliances when they are hot, and don’t try to remove anything from them using your hands. It’s always best to ask an adult for help.
  5. Hot Foods and Drinks: Sometimes, the food and drinks we prepare in the kitchen can be really hot. Foods like soups, hot chocolate, or freshly cooked pasta can scald your tongue and mouth if you eat or drink them right away. Be patient and give them some time to cool down. Blow on your food or drink gently to help cool it down faster.

Remember, kids, the kitchen can be a wonderful place to learn and have fun, but it’s important to stay away from hot things to keep yourself safe. Whether it’s the stove, pots and pans, steam, electrical appliances, or hot foods and drinks, always seek the help of an adult. They will guide you on how to stay safe and enjoy your time in the kitchen. So, let’s be cautious and have a blast cooking delicious meals together while staying away from hot things!


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